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Periods, Menopause & ​Mental Health

Period & Pause is a community interest company dedicated to raising ​awareness in schools, local communities and the workplace.

Our mission is to empower individuals through tailored workshops ​and talks, providing the knowledge necessary for better menstrual, ​menopausal, mental health & wellbeing.

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Schools & Youth Centre Workshops

We deliver friendly & accessible menstrual & mental health awar​eness workshops to local youth clubs and secondary schools in Ca​mden, London.

Since Septem​b​er 2020, menstrual health and wellbeing has become an extended pa​rt of the national curriculum and is a statutory requirement for se​condary schools.

O​u​r up to date tools and insights help nurture resilience and confidence. We​ help Children and teenagers to feel at ease with themselves, un​derstand their minds and bodies. Understand how and when to ac​cess healthcare, and manage menstrual & mental health adversities.

W​e​ provide a safe space led by independent facilitators to share ex​periences, gain knowledge and challenge misconceptions about pe​riods, mental health and the menopause.


La Sainte Union Catholic School

"Period & Pause delivered great workshops on menstrual & mental health for our Year 8 students. Their engaging and ​informative sessions created a comfortable space for open discussions, empowering our students with essential knowledge ​and fostering a supportive environment. The hands-on experience with various period products was a highlight, promoting ​confidence and preparedness. We're grateful for the partnership with Period and Pause, contributing significantly to the ​empowerment and wellbeing education of our students”.

Ricardo Barreto

Head of PHSE at La Sainte Union School

Meet the Team

Anna Founded Period & Pause in 2023

after recovering from Surgical menopause

caused by severe endometriosis. She has a

midwifery skills background and is a trained

accredited Menopause workplace coach and member of British Menopause Society.

Anna Price, Founder

Luthfun is a translator and leads our workshops for Camden’s Bengali & Somalian women’s groups.

Luthfun Khanan, Workshop Lead

Amy leads is passionate about women’s health. She leads and co-ordinates our Youth program bringing her experienced youth work skills.

Amy Collins, Youth workshop Lead

Ellie overseas our content. Her SENCO knowledge is key for our accessible small group workshops

Ellie Greenwood, Educator

What We Offer

For Communities

Menstrual, Mental Health & Menopause Awareness

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Policy guidance

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Community Women’s Workshops

Period & Pause deliver friendly and professional menstrual health and ​menopause awareness workshops with a focus on Mental & Physical ​Wellbeing.

We provide a safe space led by independent facilitators to share ​experiences, gain knowledge and challenge misconceptions about ​periods and the menopause.

Helping women understand and recognise peri-menopausal symptoms ​and gain valuable knowledge including helpful trusted sign-posting and ​recourses.

We believe everyone deserves to have access to good health knowledge and to be able to thrive

Workplace sessions

Menopause is a growing concern in the workplace. More than 50% of the ​population will experience menopause. Therefore, it makes sense to ​create workplace culture and environments that support employees at ​all stages of their lives and careers. Retention and excelling is key to

a healthy and productive workplace.

Period & Pause deliver friendly and professional menstrual health and ​menopause awareness workshops and training to staff and managers ​that help your company continue to grow and excel. We provide a safe ​space led by independent facilitators to share experiences, gain ​knowledge and challenge misconceptions about periods and the ​menopause.

We believe everybody deserves to thrive, enjoy doing their best work and feel comfortable in their workplace.

Why Menopause Matters

Women in 40s-50s

are the fastest growing cohort in UK workplaces*

1 in 3 women

will consider reducing their hours or leave work altogether because of perimenopausal & menopausal symptoms **

Nearly 50%

of women report their menopause symptoms have had a negative impact on their work***

*Menopause transition: effects on women’s economic participation - Government Equalities Office, 2017

**Newson Health Menopause and Wellbeing survey, 2019

***British Menopause Society Fact Sheet, 2020


"Period & Pause provided a really informative session. I thought I was pretty well informed but I learned so much. It's so important that these issues are talked about in these sorts of open forums."

Esme Chant

Head of Human Resources at Softwire

Our Partners

"At TechSwitch, we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment within the tech industry. Our partnership with Period & Pause demonstrates our commitment to addressing the often-overlooked challenges of menopause in the workplace. Many of our TechSwitchers are women returners and the expertise that Period & Pause bring to the table helps us to better support them, both during the bootcamp and during their placements with our hiring partners. By acknowledging and raising awareness about menopause, together we want to create an empowered workforce where everyone’s experiences are valued and respected”

Sasha Burgoyne & Sophia Lin


Why Period & Pause?

2 in 10 women experience a menstrual health disorder such as ​endometriosis, polycystic ovaries syndrome, adenomyosis and fibroids. ​More than 50% of women experience debilitating peri-menopause, ​menopause & post-menopausal symptoms. The majority of these ​women’s mental health will be impacted as a subsequence of ​experiencing these menstrual health issues.

We want to help you retain valuable staff and embed an inclusive, ​friendly workplace culture that supports and nourishes staff members.

Evidence shows that many women are reducing their hours or leaving ​work altogether due to their perimenopausal and menopausal ​symptoms. Our menstrual and menopause awareness training helps ​break taboos and create transparent, healthy work environments where ​everybody can thrive.

Shining a light on symptoms | Medical & non-medical interventions | Support & options available

Our Partners

A really informative session. I thought I was pretty well ​informed but I learned so much. It's so important that ​these issues are talked about in these sorts of open ​forums. So empowering.

- Esme Chant, Softwire

Period & Pause bridges the vital connection ​between menstrual and mental health, offering ​proven workshops for teens to foster holistic well-​being.

Naomi Gelinas, Service Lead QCCA

The Caversham

Group Practice

Such an important topic & relevant to all of us. Anna and Jenny read the room well and people felt comfortable to open up and speak about their own experiences. Great educational session.

- Caversham Group Practice

It’s time to become part of the

Menstrual & Mental Health Movement!

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